Catalog for the Post-Human provides human enhancement products for today’s nomadic contractor. We give you the tools to succeed while taking back your autonomy. With the advance of the control society, algorithmic performance metrics, digital behavior monitoring, and worker analytics, success relies upon your mind and body being fully optimized at all times. Increase your competitiveness by enhancing cognition and managing your microbiome. Restore work-life balance by controlling sleep, nutritional and exercise patterns. Harness the latest pharmaceuticals to stay focused on the job. Analyze your own data and make it work for you. Train your personal AI to improve your joint employability. Whatever your gig-economy needs, Catalog for the Post-Human is your guide to success.

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Catalog for the Post-Human

Catalog for the Post-Human.

Catalog for the Post-Human..

Catalog for the Post-Human...


Catalog for the Post-Human

Catalog for work/life balance

Catalog for gig success

Catalog for cognitive management

Catalog for extreme self awareness

Catalog for job effectiveness

Catalog for constant flow

Catalog for optimum effectiveness

Catalog for monetizing down time

Catalog for a clean reputation

Catalog for acute empathy

Catalog for data emancipation

Catalog for your best self

Catalog for your second brain

Catalog for digital telepathy